Browser Based Web Conferencing vs Non-Browser Based

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Browser Based Web Conferencing versus Non-Browser Based Conferencing Adding a visual component to a conference call can be a powerful business tool.  Web conferencing allows individuals from various locations to hold a meeting in real time while sharing documents and presentations. Similar to conference calling, participants agree to sign in at a specified time. Unlike a standard audioconference, visual presentations are part of the process via the Web, allowing for a more collaborative environment. Browser-based web conferencing lets users set up virtual meetings on the Web. Meetings are...

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Conference Calling Basics

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Conference Calling Basics Whether you are at the helm of a small business or a large company, convenience is the key to maximizing productivity. This is why savvy business owners are turning to reservationless audio conference call services. Reservationless conferencing allows companies to conduct a business conference call at any time, with no reservation required. It is the ideal way to hold an impromptu sales meeting, connect with team members for status updates, or even communicate with people from around the globe. With no special equipment required and budget-friendly price plans, these...

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